RAD/RAM: The Living Art Center


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  • RAD/RAM: The Living Art Center




  • Abstract

    After the first year with my PC and a CAD program I wrote: – we are all on the way into computer age. Certainly in the field of Design, but also on pure artistic base. It is obvious that we as artists will face new and exiting sources to manipulate color, shape and patterns to replace the traditional way of production. In this perspective I am thinking of a methods, based on natural rules for variation. As an artist and in my design work I will form a technique that I call Random Aided Design.

    RAD/RAM was registered as a trade mark in 1982. The vision of a new era in art and industrial design. The key factors would be endless patterns in a direct process to make any single part of the product an original work, an artifact. The first wore-station for my experiments was set up in 1985 supported by ASEH Robotics. I did my first “robot drawings” though It was a static system allowing no irregular interrupts. The lack of flexibility in automation equipment made me start on my own.

    In 1989 a new and inspiring location was opened, Living Art Center. To the center I welcome various artists or technicians to encounter RAD/RAM the philosophy. The first result was the invention of The Art Recorder, a rotating wall for overlay painting with an interactive system, to study complex visual structures, living design and paradoxical ideas.