(Re-) constructions of memory in post-conflict Serbian society


Session Title:

  • Interactive storytelling and memory building

Presentation Title:

  • (Re-) constructions of memory in post-conflict Serbian society




  • “There’s no memory you can wrap in camphor but the moths will get in.”  _Elliot 1969: 49

    At present we are witnessing the world-wide spread of remembering. For about twenty years, especially after the changes in East Europe from 1989 on, most countries, and ethnic or social groups have changed their traditional relation to their past. This change has taken various forms, such as criticism of official history; claims on abolished or confiscated traces of the past; the cult of roots etc. One of the reasons for this ‘movement’ is connected with the phenomenon of the ‘acceleration’ and ‘democratization of history, which also has to do with the expansion of visualelectronic memory in a globalized world. This has not only refined observation of the current reality, but also the view of the past.