Re-Shaping Curation: An Interdisciplinary Visual Art Interpretation and Navigation System


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  • Computer Art and Curatorial Issues

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  • Re-Shaping Curation: An Interdisciplinary Visual Art Interpretation and Navigation System




  • The paper will evidence the ways in which digital and electronic media are re-shaping contemporary curation, it will specifically focus on VAINS, a curatorial and online art system we are developing as part of an interdisciplinary collaboration across arts and computing. VAINS, or the Visual Art Interpretation and Navigation System, is a substantial work in progress, it consists of a  site which offers repository, search and content recommendation tools adjusted to art content in an online environment, drawing upon the Computer Fine Arts database of digital artworks. The site is a response to the expected changes in content consumption as part of the movement towards a more complex web 3.0 generation, offering a customizable and personalized art viewing experience.  The VAINS system aims to be in part a text free environment, where visual experiences are interpreted through their contextual categorization and through the use of other sensual means, such as icons, sounds and textures. VAINS also deploys the embodied and situated nature of human users as core resources in its underlying computational structures, drawing upon enactivism and Real World Interaction as core computational principals.

    The paper will put the VAINS system into a historical curatorial context as well as explaining and analysing the VAINS project and its methodology, outlining the reasons for placing the body at the forefront of its navigation systems. The paper will also present a narrative of interaction with the tools we have created, showing their impact on a range of users and illustrating the value of RWI or real world interaction in the context of online curation.

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