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  • Rea’location: Towards Trans/Multicultural Visual Communication System for a Trans/Posthuman Era. In today’s world, there are more than 5000 languages and dialects in use, of which only 100 may be considered of major importance. As Dreyfuss (1972) states, inter‑communication amongst them has proved not just difficult but impossible. Because a universal language would be the solution to this problem, over 800 attempts have in fact been made in the last 1000 years to develop an official second language that in time could be adopted by all major countries. The aim of this project is to explore the world of pictographic visual communication and develop an effective system for conveying information/knowledge on a universal scale. This would potentially bridge linguistic and cultural gaps, and thereby creating a broader vision of  trans/multiculturalism. Furthermore, the research explores novel forms of communication that help in the formation of global societies. These societies consist of both humans and artificial entities that posses very diverse social capabilities and cultural backgrounds. I believe that new media and artificial intelligence can help in the design of new types of languages that cross cultural and species barriers. A particular focus is placed on multimodal forms of non‑verbal, (in particular gestural and visual), communication between natural organisms (humans) and artificial organisms (AI Systems). The research is to investigate the role that new technology and visual communication play in finding a language for the transhuman/posthuman future, and in transcending the boundaries of individual cultural identities towards a broader perspective of Trans‑Multiculturalism.