Remotely Connected, Remotely Creative: Leapfrogging the Digital Divide


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  • Locative Media and Interaction

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  • Remotely Connected, Remotely Creative: Leapfrogging the Digital Divide




  • What does locative media from remote Australian Indigenous communities look like? How does access to Next G mobile phones impact remote communities communications? What media is being created on these devices?

    This paper is an analysis of some of the ad hoc strategies and technologies being used in remote and rural in Australia to leapfrog the digital divide; and an analysis of the potential to introduce tools and processes that encourage creative development and cultural engagement that is both iterative and participatory.

    Despite Australia’s position as an industrialised nation, there are still significant limitations to broadband access in regional and remote locations. This scenario presents as a challenge as well as an opportunity for residents. Many people living in these areas have worked around the lack of access to broadband in a range of creative ways, especially by the use of Next G mobile phone technology.

    There is much talk of ‘closing the gap’ between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and this initiative has implications on a range of issues, most significantly access to health and education services. But what is emerging as an interesting phenomenon is how young people in remote Indigenous communities are engaging with mobile technology as a means to access the Internet as well as communicate with friends and family.

    These will be a number of examples presented of works created collaboratively with young people from remote communities and documentation of the project, which was aimed at skills development and transfer and creative expression.

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