Residencies, Symposia and Directories Working Group


Session Title:

  • Working Groups

Presentation Title:

  • Residencies, Symposia and Directories Working Group



  • Residency and exchange programs, networks and formal structures support the ability for practitioners, curators, writers and academics to meet with each other, create new work and develop new ideas. The Residencies, Symposia and Directories Group aims to:

    a. Identify residency programmes in place in the region
    b. Assess existing dialogue and collaborative activity between networks and organisations
    c. Develop a credible on-going platform for key organisations to collaborate, capitalise and share resources to support residency programmes

    Key questions
    To what extent are these networks, organizations and programs already in dialogue with each other? What possibilities are there to create new connections and forge new relationships? This international working group looks at shared programming, residencies, exhibition and research opportunities.

    To facilitate this and other collaborative opportunities, the group will develop the Pacific-Rim New Media Directory. It will serve as:

    a. A platform for the exchange of information on the development of new media arts and initiatives in all countries represented at the Summit.
    b. Become a virtual meeting point for diverse approaches to new media in the vast region of Asia-Pacific.
    c. Provide a ‘first point of entry’ for the relevant stakeholders.


  • Working Group Members:

    • Julianne Pierce, Chair, Producer and Curator, FIMA Projects, North Adelaide, South Australia
    • Irina Aristarkhova
    • Zhang Ga, Professor, New York Institute of Technology, New York, New York, US
    • Dr. Alejandro Jaimes, Advanced Multimedia Specialist, Fuji Xerox Co, Ltd. Japan, Kanagawa, Japan
    • Dr. Melinda Rackham, Executive Director, Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT), Station Arcade, South Australia, Australia
    • Peter Richards, Senior Artist, Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA, US