Revolution in Representation


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  • Revolution in Representation



  • We have entered the greatest of all eras in human history, the Information and Communication Revolution which will dwarf any previous revolution including the industrial and technological revolutions of the recent past.

    The proliferation of visual imagery is a major component of this revolution, causing society to change the manner in which it communicates information from the literal to the visual and especially the photoreal image. The notion of the photorealistic image as a canon of visual reality in computer graphics is already beginning to be displaced as greater information is demanded from 2D representations of three-dimensional spatial worlds.

    This presentation concerns the representation of object surfaces in virtual 3D compositions using coloured linear contouring (with a restricted colour palette) to facilitate transcription to fine art printmaking media. The method arises from the author’s earlier work and offers new options for control in the making of divisionistic type images.