RGB Sphere


Session Title:

  • Public Spaces (Papers)

Presentation Title:

  • RGB Sphere




  • My goal is to explore and investigate the potential applications of new interactive artworks in public space that comprise of elements from nature, technology, contemporary art and socio‑cultural relationships.

    Man’s relationship with his environment and with fellow humans is mediated by the collective/shared experiences in public space. In a community of individuals, we need to find common ground for people to interact and share their ideas. That is how a society comes into existence. Apart from formal conversation and interaction in public life, public art provides a powerful tool to express the collective sense of aesthetics shared by a society.

    My research interest lies in exploring the use of interactive/participatory artworks in public space to transform and enhance that space. The aim is to introduce a new meaning and utility for public spaces, as something greater or more useful than just places of congregation or daily business. In the contemporary era, dominated by commoditization of everyday life, art and interaction can provide a much needed relief from the hectic daily grind. My idea is to introduce a play aspect to the art, since being at play is enjoyable, alleviates stress and promotes positive interaction among people.

    The prototype, RGB Sphere, consists of an interactive installation that takes viewer input through some form of interaction. That input will then be passed on to the creative engine (implementation of conceptual framework developed earlier) which will generate an immersive and interactive experience for the viewer. The purpose is to explore the possibilities of deploying the art work in public space where it would integrate with the local environment and provide a playful, creative and participatory experience to the viewers.