Satellite Obscura


Session Title:

  • Performance and Electronic Media

Presentation Title:

  • Satellite Obscura



  • The Satellite Obscura liquid video speaker consists of one rotating main satellite dish, and two deflector dishes to each side. Non-conductive, clear fluid is pumped through the center of the main satellite to a large sub-woofer speaker and a flanged insert suspended above the dish. Via the flanged insert, the non-conductive fluid assumes the shape of a half-dome as it falls into the dish and its dimensions are controlled by frequencies received by and emanating from the speaker. In the center of the satellite, video images received from remote satellites or on-site sources are projected through a liquid crystal display onto the interior of the half-dome. Circling the dish on its outside edge, a live arc of electricity suspended between two wires tears through the fluid and the image. Incoming video and audio signals can be manipulated by audience members while the artist performs within the disk and moving images. The sounds, images, fluid, and other primary elements in the installation are interrelated through proximity switches, triggered flotation sensors, and other hardware.
    The piece is designed to capture the imperceptible technological means of information transmission which pass through us in order to relocate those transmission tactics, in a sculptural and performance setting. They are then manipulated and transmuted within an area where fluid, electricity, sound, moving image, and artist coalesce.