“Seeing the ‘light-colour’ seduces a new kind of touching” presented by Mizuno


Session Title:

  • Posthumanism I

Presentation Title:

  • Seeing the ‘light-colour’ seduces a new kind of touching




  • Abstract

    When we use a computer, what do we do? Almost all of us look at some image on an electric display, grab and move a mouse, and type on a keyboard, then our right hand holds the mouse in order to point to an image called an icon on the display. This is very ‘natural’ for us; if our body makes some actions, then the images on the electric display change. However, this relationship between our body and the image did not exist until the computer, and especially until the Graphical User Interface, appeared. I call this phenomenon ‘Display Acts’: the action formed by connecting our body action with the change of images on the electric display. (Mizuno 2009)

    Through living with the computer, we have acquired new actions in order to inhabit this new image world. In other words, ‘Display Acts’ is the first step for our new actions in the man-computer world. I have already discussed ‘Display Acts’ on the first computer graphic system, Sketchpad, concerning the action of drawing the image with light. (Mizuno & Motomaya 2008) However, that study did not show why we touch the image on the electric display.

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