“Shin’m: reshaping the perceived body with sound” presented by Kang


Session Title:

  • Posthumanism I

Presentation Title:

  • Shin’m: reshaping the perceived body with sound




  • Abstract

    In the following paper, I am going to discuss Shin’m, which is a media art project where I create an immersive perceptual experience of bodily transformation of the performer and participants. This interdisciplinary project is a hybrid artwork using interactive video, spatial sound, wearable installation and performance. Shin’m is the expansion and evolution of several art projects that have explored the seamless integration between art and innovative techniques. The techniques include: ambisonic spatial sound, ultrasonic directional sound projection, wearable technology, video projection, motion detection, interactive visualization and Butoh dance imagery techniques.

    In the relatively short history of interdisciplinary art1 using digital media, media artists have struggled to create high quality hybridizations. Overcoming the rough tangling of experimental practices is a great challenge. Within this project, I propose that Shin’m suggests a new level of interdisciplinary art that finely weaves together all the elements necessary to construct this project: forms, techniques, space and participants. In the following description, I will highlight projects leading up to Shin’m, the main concepts and its vision.

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