Ship to Shore


Session Title:

  • Short Paper Presentations

Presentation Title:

  • Ship to Shore


  • Part of ISEA98Revolution, Nigel talks about his piece, Ship to Shore. Over the past decade my practice has undergone a transformation in which discreet conceptual and methodological practices have converged to form a pluri-discipline – a cultural practice which synthesises, sculpture with architectural or environmental sites and combines performed soundscapes (textual, musical or electronic) with public radio broadcast. My initial formation as a sculptor has provided me with an orientation which insists upon an experiential, rather than a representational means of expression one in which the body (its sensorium and its memory) is invoked as the primary location of meaning. Such an orientation has drawn me to an area of research which seeks to critique and develop a nexus of relationships between the body, sound and public space.

    My practice is broadly intended to redress this apparent lack of awareness of the sonic domain in the fields of design, architecture and art practice with a programme of Sound-sculpture projects designed to signal and promote the creative, cultural and technological potentials of the aural.