Smarter than Dogs: a Video Documentary of a Performance Work


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  • Smarter than Dogs: a Video Documentary of a Performance Work





    Artists have always asked new questions regarding the creative process. “Smarter Than Dogs,” is a new performance work that explores the use of current technologies as a virtual “crossing point”, where the boundries of individual art forms are explored. The collaborators include a composer, a choreographer, two computer animators, a poet-text writer and a stage and lighting designer. As each artist introduces a sensory component, be it visual, text, sound, movement or light, all are capable of interacting with the others process electronically, making every performance unique. The performance exists in real time, yet it is interactive with earlier rehersals as well as stored visual and audio events that have been composed and recorded as the collaboration evolved. These stored events are controlled by the movement of the dancers through light sensors that are connected to four computers through a midi-interface device and projected onto three 100 inch diagonal screens. At times three live video cameras are used to digitize and alter the performance in real time. Other times electronic music devices arc used to alter the live performance of a vocalist, percussionist and cellist. Smarter Than Dogs explores relationships that extend beyond traditional models of performance. Each member of the audience is invited to participate in “controlling the context of the simulation.” Ultimately we hope that people do not view our effort as a particular fascination with technology, but as a passion for exploring new traditions in the arts made possible by the new tools.