“Spaces That Perform Themselves” presented by Machover and L’Huillier


Session Title:

  • Spirit and Flesh (Long Papers)

Presentation Title:

  • Spaces That Perform Themselves




  • As we generally experience on earth, there is no space without sound and there is no sound without space. Spaces That Perform Themselves proposes to expand the way we relate to sound and space by presenting a multi-sensory kinetic environment that morphs along with a musical piece and creates a dynamic space in constant flux. This augments our sonic perception through a crossmodal spatial choreography that combines sound, physical movement, light, color, and vibration. This project builds up a scenario to study the possible relationships between a human body and a robotic architectural body, throughout a dance/exchange of
    perception and matter. The objective is to challenge our static structures and by doing that, stimulate our own plasticity.

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