Spatiotemporal Reconstruction of Dance Movement

  • ©ISEA2019: 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Jeong-Seob Lee, Spatiotemporal Reconstruction of Dance Movement


Session Title:

  • Media Performance

Presentation Title:

  • Spatiotemporal Reconstruction of Dance Movement




  • In this artist talk, I will introduce my artworks of interactive dance performances that spatially and temporally reconstruct body movements. Dance is an art of body and movement. Technologies have been brought to the stage in various way by many artists. My key interest has been an expansion of bodily expression by technological means. Many of my artworks were based on spatial and temporal reconstruction of dance movement. I used video, depth image of the body or noise from joints as sources. Buffer(or delay line)-based heterochronic recombination or feedback loop and geometric transforms are my favorite structural approaches. Although these are hardly fresh techniques, they effectively stimulate fundamental elements of dance like rhythmicality and geometry. Also, It has enormous combinations yet to be explored. These are main topics of this talk. With description and video clips of scenes of several dance pieces, I hope I can share such ideas with audiences.