“State-of-the-Art Rusticity: A Composer’s View” presented by Fernandez


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  • State-of-the-Art Rusticity: A Composer’s View



  • In one respect you will probably find this paper rather unlike other papers being read at ISEA95: I shall not be speaking about recent technological developments. I would like to outline an aesthetical phenomenon arising from the union of two disparate musical media within the field of ‘high-art’ music: electroacoustic technology and folk instruments. This paper is a companion to the performance of music for charango and tape on Tuesday evening at the Pollack Hall. Attendance to that performance is necessary for full comprehension of the ideas which I shall be developing. However, it is not my aim to offer a programme note to that performance, nor do I intend to bore you with a technical analysis of the pieces concerned. Rather, my intention is to discuss the aesthetical background which gave rise to the composition of that repertoire.

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