Sudden and Unexpected


Presentation Title:

  • Sudden and Unexpected




  • In my artist presentation at ISEA2008 I would report about my 15 years long research on interactivity in film/video. I will focus on my web-based film “Sudden and Unexpected – An Inter-Action-Movie” (to be finished in January 2008) and I’ll speak about the specific aesthetic, conceptual and technological aspects of the work. The interactive participatory film is an online game for a single player. It uses the psychological phenomenon of Déjà vus as the non-linear structure of the dramaturgy.

    “Sudden and Unexpected – An Inter-Action-Movie” is an interactive participatory film, a game for a single player. Only your curiosity and attentiveness will take you further in this film. You not only influence the course of the film, but also become part of the action yourself. As a participant, you will have to expect some surprises. As a prize, you receive a personalized funeral (according to your wishes and inspirations, with all the trimmings). As first prize, you can attend (even while still among the living) your own funeral rites.