Supermarket: audio-visual immersion


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  • Supermarket: audio-visual immersion




  • For the past two years South Australian artists Dan Monceaux and Emma Sterling have been developing a body of work to present in a new media format- a performed balance of original electronic music and projected experimental imagery. Using the full gamut of experimental image making techniques from Super8 abstractions to video-sampling and hi-def video, the work is a fusion of old and new technology. Fronted by a keyboard player and a VJ, Supermarket will be sharing its debut hybrid new-media performances across the USA and Canada in 2007. Both artists are creators and performers of the work, which will premiere after a one month artists’ residency at Squeaky Wheel Media Arts Centre in Buffalo NY, USA. Debut Australian performances are scheduled for Adelaide Fringe Festival and the Adelaide Festival of the Arts in 2008, followed by dates in Canada and Japan.

    The energy and vibrancy of the music and visual components of the Supermarket work are designed to captivate and stimulate audiences, and provoke enquiry about the systems, manmade and natural, that govern our existence. The tone moves through shades of light and dark, sharing the familiar and strange in equal measure and blurring lines between the two. A sonic and visual space that is timeless and universal is created and mutated during a 45 minute set; current modules of the work have been created on four continents. We believe that the abstract languages of music and image are the ultimate vehicles for reaching the subconscious mind and technology provides the tools rely on to achieve this; regardless of the audience’s cultural context. Linear narrative concepts are replaced in favour of impressions of places, feelings and dreams. Embracing the opportunity to hybridize the screen and improvise delivery, each performance is unique and each audience and venue will inspire a new arrangement of the Supermarket’s wares.

    The work is a two-person performed 45 minute experience driven by two laptops, a video mixer, midi keyboard, sampler and FX. We are also available for artist talks and workshops.