Surveillance Situationist-Humanistic Intelligence


Session Title:

  • Virtual Interventions: Digital Avant Gardes

Presentation Title:

  • Surveillance Situationist-Humanistic Intelligence



  • Humanistic Intelligence (HI) is a new field of research that challenges the notion that machines such as cameras should emulate human thought. Instead, HI asserts that humans and machines should be inextricably intertwined in a single synergistic unit where the ‘intelligence’ arises directly because of the human in the feedback loop of some (e.g. photographic) decision-making process as described in

    Connected Collective Humanistic Intelligence emerges as a new kind of intelligence when multiple humans are in the feedback loop of this process. CCHI challenges J.G. Ballard’s notion that we must choose between social interaction and machine interaction, for it transforms the cyborg entity into part of a community. Moreover CCHI facilitates intimacy and close synergy among individuals separated by vast distances. Most importantly, however, is the ability of the individual or the collective to re-assert itself in the face of hegemonic forces stripping us of our dignity and humanistic property.