Technoviking Phenomenon


Session Title:

  • Networked Collaborations

Presentation Title:

  • Technoviking Phenomenon




  • Matthias Fritsch researched the internet history of his video Kneecam No.1 aka Technoviking from it’s production until it became popular with more than 20 million clicks on the internet and more than three thousand video responses on Youtube. The archive contains images, emails, blogs, forum discussions and a selection of some hundered videoresponses which are categorized to show the different attempts of the Web 2.0’s recycling culture.

    The results are published in form of installation of the archive and lectures were Fritsch also shows the most interesting video responses. The artist illustrates new ways of production and distribution within user generated networks. From his experiences on the Technoviking Phenomenon Fritsch developed his following Work Music from the Masses.

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