The Challenge of Being at a Distance and in the Same Time


Session Title:

  • History of New Media

Presentation Title:

  • The Challenge of Being at a Distance and in the Same Time



  • About the frantic process of archiving and the conditions of the historical practice in the field of electronic and computer arts.

    How to think this history while turning away the defense of territories and the withdrawal on specific identities? Which can be the dynamics and the role of the archives in the building of this immediate history of arts, techniques, médias, always newer. Shall we stay blocked, bound to forget, lost in accumulating and hoarding, or shall we work on mastering and fertilizing memories by comparing, linking, crossing fragments of a constantly larger complexity? To follow Michel Foucault, the topics is not so much the recording, by the way infinite, as the activity of delimitation, cutting off. We’ll question the building of the archives and the document, at this moment of the technological development, and the use which is done of them. What do we do with our knowledge and our memories?

    This interrogation will go through some examples such as the Anarchive series.