The Future of Demonstration

  • ©ISEA2019: 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Gerald Nestler and Sylvia Eckermann, The Future of Demonstration


Session Title:

  • Creativity in the Future

Presentation Title:

  • The Future of Demonstration




  • The Future Of Demonstration is an art series that engages with the radical changes we witness in ecological, economic and cultural spheres. Algorithmic automation informs almost every realm of life today. Our reality increasingly coincides with data-driven models that anticipate, simulate and escalate that reality. As power shifts from representational to performative speech, critical analysis turns from voicing judgment and dissent to data prognostics and real-time evaluation.

    The Future Of Demonstration challenges comprehensive models of hypercompetitive simulation by probing potentials of counter-narratives. We unmake the artificial separation between art and theory in favor of “postdisciplinary” practices that combine research, production, exhibition, discourse and documentation. Together, artists, activists, scientists and other experts explore the technological, pedagogical, political and aesthetic potentials of demonstration as means to imagine, collect, manifest and share narratives, techniques and affiliations of resistance. Is such “renegade agency” an artistic device to transgress critique towards emancipatory forms of insurrection?