The Interactive and Immersive Experiences Shape the New Architectural Language


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  • Architecture and the Experience of Digital Spatiality

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  • The Interactive and Immersive Experiences Shape the New Architectural Language




  • The interaction of art and new technologies, design/architecture and science is the basis of visual languages innovations.

    The 3D technologies and interactive projections enable artists and film makers to set new visions both for architectural and landscape scenes. There is a broad litterature about the relation between art, architecture/design and film, so the aim of this paper is not to deepen this discourse, while instead undeline the new hybrid relationships establieshed: architecture provides the spatial and visual  scenario to artists and storytellers, while 3 D digital artworks offer new sensorial explorarions for broadcast new ideas in museum studies and help understanding the environment we are living in.

    This paper examines closely the role of interactive multimedia installations and 3D narrative fictions in order to communicate the representation of architecture within the exhibition design contests and how interactivity develops new behaviours and connections when it is a project of public art.  In order to confirm its arguments the essay examines and put in dialogue with Deleuze’s aesthetic positions and the transformations that occur in the exhibition and public space, when these installations are implied. This will be illustrated and analized by two case studies : ‘If building could talk…’ by the German film maker Wim Wenders presented at the last Architecture Biennale di Venezia in Italy and « Sandbox » by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer at the beach of Santa Monica in California, still in 2010.

    In the final part of the paper, I will explore how the immersive experiences and ‘contemplative immersion’ positions of the viewers/participants are enriching opportunities to learn and generate new form of sense in our contemporary society.

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