“‘The List’ – The Mailing List Phenomena: Empyre: Structure and Diversity” presented by Rackham


Session Title:

  • Networked Experience Sessions

Presentation Title:

  • ‘The List’ – The Mailing List Phenomena: Empyre: Structure and Diversity



  • Empyre- sprang into life in 2002 to fill a void on the net. It presents diverse topics with guests discussing aspects of networked culture in a non-hierarchical constantly refreshing monthly format, and is moderated to maintain thematic integrity.

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  • Empyre- subtle.net/empyre was instigated in 2002 by Melinda Rackham. It is currently facilitated with transmedia artist Christina McPhee of naxsmash.net who lives in California; visual, sound and net.artist Michael Arnold Mages who teaches at the University of Denver; programmer-artist Jim Andrews from the University of Victoria, Canada and vispo.com; and Felix Sattler, new-media theorist and cultural producer based in Weimar, Germany. u:sun at ueda.nu designed the interface and Nigel Kersten at 4trak.net keeps the server running.