“The Ma­te­ri­al­ity of Dig­i­tal Utopia” presented by Got­tlieb (To be deleted)


Session Title:

  • On the Persistence of Hardware

Presentation Title:

  • The Ma­te­ri­al­ity of Dig­i­tal Utopia




  • Panel: On the Persistence of Hardware

    The Ma­te­ri­al­ity of the Dig­i­tal: The Prob­lem­atic Per­sis­tence of Hard­ware in Dig­i­tal Cre­ation.  The cit­i­zen cre­ator of the cur­rent age is ad­ver­tised to be em­pow­ered of un­prece­dented means for trans­form­ing the world.   Promises to ‘Make a smarter planet’ (IBM) and make.?believe (Sony) harken back to the po­et­ics Plato would expel from his Re­pub­lic.  This paper will at­tempt to eval­u­ate the ide­al­ism of the dig­i­tal age with re­flec­tion of the ma­te­r­ial cir­cum­stances of the hard­ware which is ex­pected to gen­er­ate it.

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