“The Millennial Toolkit” presented by Jonas and Moses


Presentation Title:

  • The Millennial Toolkit



  • Artist Talk related to the same-titled workshop. The Human Search Engine: a millennial toolkit 4 associ@ive explor@ion”

    each and every one of us is seeking something they cannot find. but is algorithmic online searching really the best way to do it?

    the workshop is aimed at participants looking for a middle-ground approach towards online-life. we offer a toolkit to those who wish to neither disconnect nor let habit-forming technologies run their lives. we believe we can “deprogram” these technologies in a way that empowers us

    we will kick things off with a discussion on the ways in which habit-forming search technology shapes our daily pursuits. we will then split into pairs for two main exercise rounds—one per day. their goal: becoming a human search engine

    ROUND#1“mapping things out”: using a new and disruptive, rank-free search engine called Shmoogle, pairs will turn their most personal online exploration into a free-associative game

    ROUND#2 “cruising via proxy”: pairs from round#1 will go on an online date, using Shmoogle as their guide. together, they will explore each others neighborhoods in hope to rediscover them through a fresh pair of eyes and a little bit of unhinged free-association

    we will wrap things up with a feedback round: “make the internet human again?” pros and cons