The Networked Virtual Art Museum


Session Title:

  • Forms of the Invisible

Presentation Title:

  • The Networked Virtual Art Museum



  • The Networked Virtual Art Museum project supports the design, development and operation of long distance, multiple user, networked immersion environments. The project team will design and construct a multi-cultural art museum articulated through networked virtual reality, and established by a grid of participants, or nodes, located in remote geographic locations. The nodes are interconnected using modem to modem, or high bandwidth telecommunications. Each participating node will have the option to interact with the virtual environment and contribute to its shape and content. Participants will be invited to create additions or galleries, install works, or commission researchers and artists to originate new works for the museum. Further, guest curators will have the opportunity to organise special exhibitions, explore advanced concepts, and formulate the basis for critical theory pertaining to virtual reality and cultural expression. The museum can also function as a stand-alone installation and is easily transportable for presentation in cultural or industrial venues.