“The “Piano-of-Lights”: A Visual-Music Instrument for FullDome Display” presented by Breuleux and Lapierre


Session Title:

  • Digital Performance

Presentation Title:

  • The “Piano-of-Lights”: A Visual-Music Instrument for FullDome Display




  • Les Planètes is a “FullDome” immersive concert generated entirely in real time. The concert is made possible by the “Pianoof-Lights,” an instrument that enables a visual dialogue with pianist Louise Bessette during a novel performance of the work Les Planètes from composer Walter Boudreau. The Piano-ofLights’ dynamic constellations of small spheres are projected across the space of the satosphere of the Society of Art and Technology (SAT) in Montreal. The visual shapes are based on an analysis of the different sections of the score. During this process, the Piano-of-Lights emits light particles, becoming a catalyst for the dynamic constellations distributed across the dome. The project blends the tradition of colour organs and the live A/V approach of digital technology, bringing together an analogue piano, digital recording and immersive projection. The originality of this research primarily lies in the use of a colour-piano, which was designed to create a synthesis of the colour-sound association in an immersive format.