The PORT project: performance on line in real time


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  • Tools and Methods

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  • The PORT project: performance on line in real time



  • The co-presenters will demonstrate a new movement-sensitive system software in development for onscreen image manipulation in real time, as part of their ongoing research into user and audience empowerment in distance teaching of performance. Synthesis is the core concept for digital art PORT, an experimental performance visualization system, synthesizes computer-generated imagery, output from photographic image manipulations and live movement in mediated forms which are randomized, materialized, and reframed on screen in infinitely reproducible variations. The PORT software in development is only one of a number of new authoring tools made by and for artists to be employed in the experimental Extended Body course, to be offered in Spring 2001. The PORT software and other tools in development will be demonstrated, and discussed in conjunction with the new RADICAL project (Research Agendas Developed in Creative Arts Labs) funded by the European Commission, for which Dr Goodman is Principal Investigator for the INMPR.