The Studitorium: A New Multimedia Hall concept


Session Title:

  • Music and Sound

Presentation Title:

  • The Studitorium: A New Multimedia Hall concept



  • Poster Statement

    Performing multimedia sound creation has developed considerably over the last few years and yet it has not been given a space of its own. While considering what such a place should be like, the Studitorium was put forward as a possible solution. The Studitorium is a place both for creating and diffusing. It is a fundamentally interdisciplinary space that covers the field of all hybrid art forms between music, theatre, installation and exhibitions. It is a place which offers a new direction to multimedia art emphasizing on the sound, to put it on an equal footing with the image, with the aim of developing new art forms witch are different than those of the past. This parity of sound and image can only be achieved if specific sites are constructed.This presentation will enable us to give a more in-depth explanation of the idea of the Studitorium and to discuss it with the public present. A more detailed written document is available.