“The Techno/Cultural Interface: String Cycles and Watch the Skies” presented by d’Agostino and Tafler


Session Title:

  • Local Wisdoms

Presentation Title:

  • The Techno/Cultural Interface: String Cycles and Watch the Skies



  • In a contracting world, real-time visual telecommunication may become a ‘hologrammatic’ nightmare. As high-tech applications proliferate, they threaten to accelerate the eradication of cultural difference. Each new system’s material reality makes claims on its users; each new wave impacts proportionately on the language, ritual, influence and power among communities. Borders change, territories diminish. As distances diminish, the collision of social forces disrupts, fragments, and eventually destroys contingent customs and practices, particularly those predicated on earlier, now outmoded, networks of time and space. While technology may destabilise frontiers, does high technology inevitably destroy tradition?

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