The Treasure of the Nibelungen


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  • Tools and Generatively

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  • The Treasure of the Nibelungen



  • Virtual environment at the GOETHE INSTITUT

    According to the Nibelungen myth, the world’s most famous treasure ever produced was thrown in the Rhine river near the town of Worms (Germany). At the core of its principle is a Ring that can provide an inexhaustible source of gold, love and joy for its holders as long as it is not used for their own personal power. From the beginning of time, the people of Worms have always known this treasure to be lying beneath the city waters’. This kind of invisible monument structures their imaginary with more strength than the rare visible monuments remaining after the city multiple destructions. The museum of the Nibelungen (opening 08-2001) is a passage from the common space of the city into the poetic space it shelters, from the daily life into the everlasting myth. The outcome is the virtual environment The Treasury of the Nibelungen with images, musics and sounds generated in real time by the visitors wanderings.

    Production, concept & art direction: A+H (Olivier Auber & Bernd Hoge)                                                                                                                                        VR development (AAASeed): Emmanuel Maa Berriet                                                                                                                                                                        Music, sound design and real-time musical software: Thierry Fournier