The Vancouver Film School: The Multimedia Learning Experience


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  • The Vancouver Film School: The Multimedia Learning Experience



  • Institutional Presentation Statement

    The Vancouver Film School Multimedia is currently the only cross-platform multimedia production training facility in North America dedicated exclusively to multimedia training. The VFS Multimedia facility officially opened in June 1995 and is a fully integrated environment where advanced hardware and software technology are housed in a configuration of specialty labs and presentation venues. The facility is open 24 hours per day providing students with almost unlimited access to equipment. The program recognizes various skill levels and backgrounds by providing a Core Program (compulsory) and series of Advanced Classes. The Core Program follows the production process and students begin assembling elements and acquiring skills that evolve and culminate in an electronic interactive production of personal and group projects which are mastered on pre-selected digital format and publicly presented in the VFS multimedia presentation gallery/theater. Students applying for this program should be highly motivated, entrepreneurial, artistic, have good communication skills, a strong commitment to hard work and ability to work independently and in teams. The ISEA96 presentation will include the best work produced by students at VFS Multimedia during the past year, including examples of video, audio, animation, interface design and graphics.