“Tracking the unseen” presented by Farley


Presentation Title:

  • Tracking the unseen



  • “interference” is a video about the intricate relation between the backbone internet system and its increasingly important role in society. Corporations do absolutely everything to avoid power failure in the system, as we depend in many different ways on the stability of data transmission. The visual construction suggests some kind of interference through the use of flashing images of both Dubai and New York on a background of slowly moving cloud formation. The background being a long five minutes “plan sequence”. Waves and cooling fans are used in the soundtrack in order to suggest the cyclic, constant and never ending flow of information. The distance between the Dubai and N.Y. skyline with their emblematic towers, serve as the ultimate symbol for air to ground connectedness and capitalist ambition.

    It is part of a larger body of work including other videos and large format photographic images of internet servers. Reference to this work is available at http://www.denisfarleyart.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi

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