“Traditional Art Concept in Digitalised Era” presented by Ke


Session Title:

  • Transforming Media

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  • Traditional Art Concept in Digitalised Era




  • Chinese traditional painting is highly regarded throughout the world for its theory, expression, and techniques. It is different from western painting, and although since the turn of the century, China has experienced great technological, economic, and cultural changes, Chinese traditional brush painting has maintained its own principles and style of beauty. On the other hand, technology never stops changing and today’s computer technology has the capability to operate simultaneously as a medium, tool and context, in addition to its organisational and interactive elements. The computer’s technical vocation enables images to simulate almost totally the traditional artistic techniques. It can even improve on them, and many artists use computer for this reason. These same techniques of simulation are also likely to propose to artists new means of changing the conditions of artistic creation and supporting innovation. As a Chinese computer artist, I am fascinated by creating computer art in the traditional Chinese style. This involves not only simulating a Chinese painting using computer technology, but also using computer animation, 3D models, and so on to present a full concept of Chinese art in order to facilitate artistic innovation from traditional beauty.

    The context of the project is Chinese philosophy. Elements of the project are common objects of Chinese brush painting, such as lotus flowers, bamboo, rocks and rivers. All objects were created using the computer 3D modelling software, 3D Studio Max and Maya. Some other software, such as Macromedia Director, Flash and Adobe After Effects, are used to create interactivity and animations.

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