“Translocal Networks: TESTER: Connected Systems of Local Detection” presented by Bornaetxea, Arkaute and Neustetter


Session Title:

  • Networked Experience Sessions

Presentation Title:

  • Translocal Networks: TESTER: Connected Systems of Local Detection



  • The Rodríguez Foundation was created in 1994. It formed part of the Basque Selection of Concept Art (SEAC) until 1999, when this group disappeared. Since then it has operated as an artistic body organizing, coordinating and developing different projects that are primarily related to contemporary culture and the new media, always understanding its activities to be an extension of its artistic work.

    It has worked indistinctly on creative practice, basically audiovisual media, as well as on theoretic production, both the new forms of commissioning as well as aspects related to the production, diffusion and distribution of contemporary artistic works. Last projects: e-tester.net, intervenciones.tv, arteyelectricidad.net, web-side.org 1.0

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