Truth or Consequences / A Global Warming Interactive Game


Presentation Title:

  • Truth or Consequences / A Global Warming Interactive Game




  • Global warming and other environmental concerns present some of the most challenging dilemmas that we face today. In a performance based action, during the ISEA2012 conference in Albuquerque next September, we propose presenting some of these concerns in a new way. People will be asked to download a free QR code scanner to their smart phones. One or more performers will circulate, wearing custom designed interactive garments with printed images culled from various landscapes indigenous to regions in New Mexico. The Interactive QR codes will be embedded into landscape images of rocks, grasses, water, earth, trees, wetlands, etc. Seven to ten different codes will be available for participant scanning. Upon scanning any of the QR codes, a series of multiple-choice questions pertaining to an environmental dilemma will appear on the player’s phone screens. Each code (landscape object) will represent a different series of questions. The participant will be able to select an answer from the menu of three possible choices by tapping the touch screen. A panel of invited experts, creative thinkers, and environmental activists will compile the questions. At the end of the ISEA2012 symposium, we hope to have the community “tally” of answers to the posed dilemmas texted to all participants so that they can see how their answers corresponded to the other participants.