“Turbidity Paintings: Communicating Science Through the Lens of Art” presented by Gevurtz and Asmuth


Session Title:

  • In Between the Cracks (Short Papers)

Presentation Title:

  • Turbidity Paintings: Communicating Science Through the Lens of Art




  • The project “Turbidity Paintings,” proposes a new visualization methodology to record images and collect data on water quality. The core of this is to develop a system of image collection using do-it-yourself technology. Collected information is being used to construct a library of time explicit images encoded with data metrics from a variety of domestic and international locations. “Turbidity Paintings” explores and challenges the divide between the arts and the sciences and directly questions the role of the artist when dealing with science and scientific data. Art and science are not so vastly different in their approaches. The role of the artist and the art in this project is to create an experimental model by which to develop new ways to create a dialogue around, in our example, water quality.

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