Presentation Title:

  • U-lang



  • U-Lang is a visual sound instrument which can be used to create digital sound sculptures on touch based devices. One of its core concepts is the reduced set of grammar, a limited set of input methods. The purpose of the application is to make the nature of sounds accessible to both novices and experts in a unique way. The instrument is based on a special synthesis method, where raw white noise is used for sonic reference material, and custom, parametrized filter processes can be applied to sculpt different sonic textures and compositional structures. U-Lang is introducing a multimodal gestural interface, a multitouch polar timeline that can change how we interact with linear data. By using multiple touch points and recognizing paralell gestures made by different fingers, several points can be accessed simultaneously within the manipulated data set. Patterns, gestures and touch topologies can be clustered into specific categories just like playing physical instruments.


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