“Unstablelandscape: Bottom-Up Composition and a Post-Humanist Era” presented by Solano


Presentation Title:

  • Unstablelandscape: Bottom-Up Composition and a Post-Humanist Era



  • Unstablelandscape is my artistic and research platform to investigate and deploy: Dance improvisation within digitally augmented environments; The dramatic tension between design and desire, abstract patterns and anthropomorphic depictions; Real time composition or improvisational performances with hybrid systems (humans, computers and other living systems); The improvisational creative act with generative strategies and systems; Alternative human-computer interfaces for dance performance and multimedia installations; Embodied, embedded and distributed cognition; The relation between moving bodies, cognition, technology and the design of experiences and realities; The intelligence of biological systems and bottom-up or biologically inspired architectures for art making and performance systems and?The relation between improvisational digital pop-culture (DJ/VJ), art making and social events/performances.

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