“Using Metaphor and Naturalistic Geometry to Visualize Quantified Self Data” presented by Bonomo


Presentation Title:

  • Using Metaphor and Naturalistic Geometry to Visualize Quantified Self Data



  • Codex Endogenous reveals and visualizes the beauty and morphology of a “self” and its environment. A “codex” is a collection of pages stitched together and in cognitive neuroscience, the term “endogenous” describes phenomena that is spontaneously generated from an individual’s internal state. The quantified self is described by Gary Wolf as “self-knowledge through numbers. My work aims to construct emergent and metaphorical ways to visualize the self by categorizing the data that I implicitly and explicitly emit unknowingly throughout the day and collect it for observation. Motivated by theory in self-psychology such as William James’ theory of consciousness of the self and the study of coping, my work retells personal narratives by using artistic methods like redaction or blocking out undesired information from view and replacing it with spectral and ethereal imagery to question how a self renavigates and grows upward comparisons during self-reflection and memory formation. Codex Endogenous is a screen-based projection composed of daily data-driven drawings that represent the quantified self and environmental habituations that analogously take the form of keeping a daily journal.