Utility S(h)elves


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  • Short Paper Presentations

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  • Utility S(h)elves



  • It looks like by mentioning Neoism?! in my previous message I gave you the wrong input concerning what can be the subject of my proposal for ISEA98. It was only a short introduction to start with and a few words about my background but it wasn’t suggesting that I wanted to include Neoism?! As a subject for the ISEA program (in some ways it will be there anyway as all networks are hooked up to each other), I’m simply interested in the event and try to figure how could I get a part in it. In a few hours, I’ll leave for Dessau (Germany) for the International Electronic Media Forum event where I’ll perform Executive Machinery, a concert/ performance/installation that involves a computer controlled pneumatic armed file cabinet robot/sculpture that creates sound (I performed this same piece recently in Hull (England) for ROOTless 97).

    As a sculpture/installation that is also a working model of communication networks, a kind of project I would love to take to Manchester for ISEA 98 for example, but talking to someone at MonteVideo (Amsterdam) a few days ago, I got the suggestion that my Joris Ivens based video/CD-rom installation would be the perfect (no such thing) piece for the ISEA event. In this work, entitled “Utility S(h)elves”, I use Ivens quotations (images and words) and my own ideas to make a statement on the subject of revolution. Of course, anything I do will always bring up questions about Neoism?!, and when it happens I’m ready to demonstrate my own ideas. Neoism?! is a large network today and there are millions of different individual definitions of what it is. Anyway, looking forward hearing from you again.