Vanity to Profanity: Lessons from Participatory Art


Presentation Title:

  • Vanity to Profanity: Lessons from Participatory Art



  • P2P: Power to the People is a metaphor for the enabling power of technology for individual expression. In creating this piece we’ve experienced first-hand the friction, the excitement and the unanswered questions that accompany bold new opportunities for people to engage. We will discuss what we’ve learned so far, having installed the piece in three fairly different cities and cultural contexts. We will relate the piece to the significant issues of accessibility, accountability, empowerment and oversight. In addition, we’ll give a brief overview of the technical and user interaction design of the P2P installation itself: our goals with the project, how we achieved them, and what we’d do differently.

    Gorbet Design, Inc.: Matt , Rob & Susan Gorbet