Virtual Kingdom of Beauty


Session Title:

  • St. Petersburg 3.0

Presentation Title:

  • Virtual Kingdom of Beauty



  • Virtual Kingdom of Beauty is a ‘Sculpture’. It includes the presentation wall for projection of three-dimensional interactive computer animations, many slide projections and wooden sculptures. The observer equipped with stereoscopic glasses enters the world of digital and real art work. This world is simultaneously historical and contemporary deals both with mythology and the current reality. lt is to be experienced as if it was a dream. The ‘Sculpture’ features a group of sculptural presentatíons. Using the digital world’s latest technology it incorporates ancient aesthetic principles to develop a composition. Effects of disintegration and growth, gliding and flying, metamorphosis and morphings are put into practice. The viewer will be able to hold conversations with 3-D busts which one could assume to be speechless. The internet-version is planned. The exhibition will combine both an artificial and classical aesthetic. Virtual Kingdom of Beauty is a forum which superimposes on ancient sculptures seen as symbols of beauty images of Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses living today. The images of Majesties and Royal Highnesses will be scanned to allow their 3-D measurements to be modelled together with sculptural elements of ancient mythology into one virtual unity. The virtual sculptures correspond with the busts of the artistic installation. The project is a three-step process: the Royal personages are scanned, artistically sculptured within virtual reality and finally produced out of wood by machine. A series of breathtaking interiors of Royal palaces will be projected onto the walls and ceiling of the exhibition space, harmonically combining virtual space and sculptures. The spectator will be able to make a new type of journey through beautiful worlds.