Virtual Reality as a Fine Art Medium Research Unit


Session Title:

  • Digital Aesthetics

Presentation Title:

  • Virtual Reality as a Fine Art Medium Research Unit



  • In ‘Work in Progress’ real-time virtual reality technology has been used to bring to life a series of drawings in order to examine the possibilities of a life beyond the frame. A still image leaves much to the interpretation of the viewer. virtual reality technology, however, can place us inside the image where we can explore and interact. The work attempts to offer up new paradigms for virtual space as a fluid sketchbook/studio and exhibition space, where ideas can be dynamically realised, documented and presented.

    A recurring factor in the creation of virtual reality artworks is the relationship between the artist, the work and the audience. In its current form ‘Work in Progress’ is intended to be presented by the artist to an audience, drawing on the ‘art of memory’ techniques discussed by Frances Yates. It acts as a visualisation of a memory space where the layout of the architecture orders the narrative and the placement of objects within the space prompts the recall of significant points to be addressed.