“Virtual Reality in Science Fiction Films” presented by Shin

  • ©ISEA2008: 14th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Byul Shin, Virtual Reality in Science Fiction Films


Session Title:

  • Hyperreality

Presentation Title:

  • Virtual Reality in Science Fiction Films




  • We live in a world with unlimited space. The development of technology let people change the notion of space. Up to 500 years ago, space for people existed only inside the continent where people lived. Since people started to travel to the other continents as technology developed, human’s cognizance about the notion of physical space enlarged to global concept. The invention of telescope enlarged the notion of space to Cosmo space and the invention of microscope enlarged the notion of space to atomic world.

    In the end of 20th century, rapid progress of technology provided us with a new concept of space called virtual space. The technology to make virtual space has been partially developed through various media. However virtual space has not been admitted as space or regarded as a separate one with the one associated with human life space. However, creation of elaborate and vivid image can be possible with the development of digital image technology. This creation satisfies virtual space with reality. However people have come to accept virtual space as part of actual space. Also, virtual reality has a unique character, which transforms regular space to media.

    By the way, virtual reality is not a medium, which people can easily identify with. Thus, deep analysis or researches are hardly obtainable, even though their importance plays a major role in our cultural efficiency. However, movies let people experience first hand the world of virtual reality. Especially, cyber punk film, a part of SF film, is taking center stage with the appearance of cyber space, which has been achieved, with the development of special digital effect technology. This technology shows us a new outlook on the world, which breaks down the boundary of reality and imagination.

    Therefore, this research will study about spatial character and change of spatial notion, and the relation between cyber space and physical space. Furthermore we will research human existence through cyber punk films that reflect phenomena related to the development of digital technology and itself. Especially, this research will concentrate in analyzing the Matrix series, Lawnmower man, and Code name J, and eventually will examine the relation between human life and virtual reality.

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