VR Content ‘Four Seasons’ for Alzheimer

  • ©ISEA2019: 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Bo-Yeon Kim, Joo-Chan Kim, Sunny Thapa Magar, Min-Hye Pak, and Hae-Jung Suk, VR Content ‘Four Seasons’ for Alzheimer


Presentation Title:

  • VR Content ‘Four Seasons’ for Alzheimer




  • ‘Four Seasons’ is a Virtual Reality (VR) interactive content specially designed for the dementia patients, allowing them to enjoy the scenery of the four seasons of Korea and to interact with the 3D models representing the phenomena of nature based on Gesture-based user interface. It proceeds using the user’s hands movements and following the voice narration of a character (NPC) in the background of illustrated art. When the user interacts with the 3d models, it can help dementia patients engage and enhance their intuitiveness. This project shows that using Human-computer Interaction of VR and bio-sensors could help not only the patient’s cognition but also support the emotional state.