Weaponizing Play


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  • Notes on the History and Politics of Gameplay

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  • Weaponizing Play




  • Recent disclosures of the CIA Funding Abstract Expressionism as part of a cultural battle during the Cold War have understandably changed popular perspectives on the art of that era. But such revelations also raise contemporary questions. With a similar ideological battle being fought today, and with arts funding ever shrinking while military budgets increase: in what ways might the creative industries be enlisted and even secretly militarised?

    One certain approach that is being taken is through popular computer games.

    Today, the U.S. Military is openly using the game “Americas Army” to recruit young soldiers. Although computer games are regularly demonised as being influences of school shootings in the US, in that same country, the military s employment of games for training seems hidden in plain view. The U.S Army itself readily admits that the game Americas Army is a propaganda device and is gladly considers it to be a cost-effective recruitment tool. It aims for the game to be to become part of popular youth culture.

    This paper discusses the ethics and implications of militarising todays most popular entertainment format.

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