Wearable materialities


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  • Belfast Panels

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  • Wearable materialities





  • Panel Statement

    It is a panel grouping together individuals working in the field of wearables invested in exploring new material practices This panel investigates emerging material research in the field of wearables being explored by designers today. Exploring how ‘smart’ textiles converge with the disciplines of science, biology, fashion, engineering, architecture and data visualisation, the panel investigates the resonant potential for materialities to articulate new processes, interactions and iterations in the area of wearables design. As this hybridised area of creation calls upon the collaboration, inspiration and contribution from associated scientific and artistic disciplines the practice of wearable technologies is increasingly shaped and informed by these consonant fields of research. In the area of materiality, the uses of non-conventional materials, the role of sustainable energy practices, the design of responsive interfaces, as well as the engineering (or hacking) of technologies with the aims of creating new and innovative works will be investigated. The individuals invited to present on this panel will speak specifically to the topic of wearable materialities and their personal experience in designing hard/software applications and sensors/actuators for the articulation of new forms of textiles and fashion. Each of them is involved in innovative materials and platform development to create wearables.