“What is Fournos?” presented by Santorineos and Chatzichristodoulou


Presentation Title:

  • What is Fournos?



  • Institutional Presentation Statement

    It is difficult to describe Fournos. Fournos is the people who are working for an idea. An idea about people working for the future. An old fournos (=bakery) in Athens. The friends who support it, so this idea can be realized. The network of artists, scientists, philosophers, students, cultural centers, institutes, state agencies and companies all over the world who communicate by working for the same idea. The idea is a creative resistance to aspects of globalization and digital culture.

    The inability to express our viewpoint about Fournos is related to even us being surprised by the pace of its change. Perhaps Fournos is its own movement, its constant change in relation to events, a workshop of culture, small and flexible, a place which has not yet become fixed, which is why it can still search for the Unattainable.

    Medi@terra International Art & Technology Festival and Symposium is the Fournos’ top annual event in the field of digital culture, a constantly evolving project.    fournos-culture.gr